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Individual & Family Therapy 

Evaluation & Assessment 

Parent-Child Therapy 

I offer individual and family therapy services. Most sessions are scheduled weekly for 45 minutes and evening appointments are available for your convenience. I utilize an integrative therapeutic approach, primarily focused on establishing a collaborative working relationship to help you gain the confidence and strength to make long-lasting changes. 

I offer psychological assessment and psychological evaluation services which include cognitive, social-emotional, behavioral and personality assessment measures to provide a comprehensive psychological report for use for CSE, 504 educational and academic support services, and testing accommodations (SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE), as well as evaluations for OPWDD .  

I offer parent-child therapy and training services, designed to strengthen the bond and relationship between you and your child and to provide you with helpful and practical daily behavior management strategies. Whether your family is experiencing behavioral difficulties due to a variety of diagnoses (ASD, ADHD, ODD), transitions, or changes in family structure, we can work together to achieve a successful outcome for your family.

  • Rates vary depending on the service and are offered at a sliding scale. 

  • I offer a flexible schedule to help you manage cost, including biweekly sessions. 

  • Insurance is not accepted at this time. However, your insurance may provide out-of-network coverage for mental/behavioral health. Many plans will reimburse a significant portion of session fees. Please ask me for further information. 

  • Individual, family, and parent-child sessions range from $110-$200 per session. 

  • Psychological evaluation and assessment services range from $800-$2000 depending on the tests administered. 

  • An initial phone consultation is always free. Please feel free to call and inquire about services and rates. 

I offer support, guidance, and informational sessions for special needs families in the process of or who have received a diagnosis of Autism , ADHD, or other developmental disabilities  to help you navigate a variety of supports and services available to your family from the preschool level through early adulthood. 

Special Needs Family
Support Services

I offer both virtual and in-person psychotherapy as well as 30-minute or 45 minute sessions for college-aged students struggling with anxiety, homesickness, academic or social difficulties. 

Therapy for College Students

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