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Social Skills Groups

Schedule TBD

  • Boys and girls 9-11 year old group. 

All groups are led by Dr. Conti, a licensed child psychologist. These groups focus on helping your child to develop social-emotional awareness and regulation skills to help them better navigate social conflicts, engage in social problem-solving, self-advocate, practice flexible thinking, appropriately express emotions, and build confidence. 


Groups are matched by age and ability levels. There are likely to be some children slightly younger and slightly older than your child. Grops meet for 1 hour every week at Dr. Conti's office in Oceanside. It is a drop-off. 

  • Perfect for children who experience difficulties related to :

    • ADHD, impulse control, executive functioning, emotional regulation, ASD and anxiety

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Currently recruiting for: 

6-8 year old group

9-11 year old group

Call/email for more information!

Group Rate is currently $65 per session

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