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Coping Through COVID-19

1. Maintain a (flexible) routine. Make sure to get quality rest, eat every meal, and not have too much junk food and screen time.

2. Try and get in some exercise- whether it’s through YouTube, home gym equipment, taking a walk, or playing in the yard.

3. It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed, worried, bored, lonely, or scared right now. Be sure to talk and connect with loved ones. Check in on others.

4. Try not to get lost in future thinking—“what if’s?” and worry about family members or yourself getting sick. Let the thoughts pass.

5. Focus on what you can do right NOW to prevent sickness. Think of things that you can control in the here and NOW.

6. Make a list of activities/things to do to occupy your time. That way when you are stressed and feeling overwhelmed—you can easily look at the list and find something that can make you happy.

7. It can be hard to remain home, in the same spaces, doing the same things each day--try something new. Move things around, re-decorate, try a new craft or hobby. Teach yourself something!

8. Limit exposure to the news/social media posts about the virus. Stick to reputable sources and try to check in just once a day.

9. Allow your child to ask questions and answer them honestly. State facts, use simple language. If you do not know, say that you do not know. Reassure them that they are safe.

10. Cherish this time with loved ones. Cherish this time without schedules, chaos, and to-do lists. Have the conversations you never have with each other.

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